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Meet Our Staff

At Living Well Counseling Services, our desire is to serve the greater Madison community in a way that changes the course of people's lives. As skilled therapists and real people, we come alongside those who are hurting or stressed and help them discover a new way of thriving in the world. Live a life of purpose and freedom. Imagine not just surviving but Living Well.

Become more acquainted with us by clicking on our staff biographies below:

Lori Nebel

Debbie Marks
Debbie Marks

Joe Weidenbenner




Loren Fisher

Jim Thompson

Debbie Millman
Debbie Millman

(While email is a great tool for communicating with us, it should not be used for emergency situations or to change or cancel appointments. Each member of our staff checks their voice mail regularly and this is the preferred form of communication about matters that need immediate attention.)

Main Office: 6400 Gisholt Drive, Suite 203, Madison, WI 53713  |  Phone: (608) 223-1506  |  Fax: (608) 223-1745

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